Trent Willis

Generating Art Everywhere and Fast!

Generative art is a wonderful blend of science and artistry where we craft code to create unique images. Often, those images exist on their own, but what if we brought them into our apps and websites to deliver unique experiences to every user?

In this talk, we’ll learn how to create generative art using JavaScript and then package it in a Web Component so that we can easily embed it anywhere on the web. We’ll also learn how to offload the heavy computations and rendering of our art to Worker threads so that we don’t interfere with user interactions. A perfect blend of practical and artistic skills

About Trent

Trent Willis is a Senior UI Engineer at Netflix, where he builds tools and applications to give other engineers insight into their products. He previously worked at LinkedIn and Grooveshark where he helped build products that reached millions of daily users. Additionally, Trent is a regular conference speaker, project lead for the open source QUnit JavaScript testing framework, and a self-professed music junkie.