Fred K. Schott

Pika: Reimagining the Registry

Why does web development need a bundler? Why is code transpiled & downgraded before being published? Why can only 4% of npm packages run natively on the web? And why does a simple web app demand so much tooling!?

This talk explores the good, the bad and the ugly of modern JavaScript development. Learn how Node.js, npm, React, Browserify and Webpack all influenced JavaScript’s evolution over the last decade, and come to understand why these tricky questions have no easy answers. Then, look towards the future at how projects like Pika ( are reimagining the JavaScript registry for 2019 and beyond. Finally, learn how you can start to leverage these modern initiatives today for smaller, faster, and simpler JavaScript applications.

About Fred

Fred is at Software Engineer living in San Francisco, CA. He is currently working on Pika - a project to move the JavaScript ecosystem forward. He is dying to adopt a dog and would appreciate any adorable dog photos and stories that you have on you.